Home Respiratory Care Specialty Programs

As part of our comprehensive care, we provide the latest, high-quality medical equipment and supplies. Whether you visit one of our locations or we come to your home, we are staffed with experts in proper fitting, installation, and operation of our state-of-the art equipment to make sure you are comfortable with the use and maintenance of your equipment. From oxygen concentrators to CPAP devices and more we only use the best products to support our patients’ needs.

Home Oxygen Therapy

Many patients with chronic diseases such as COPD, asthma, or emphysema may benefit from home oxygen therapy.  As experts in this field of care, CHI Health at Home provides everything a patient needs to receive short-term or long-term oxygen therapy. Once prescribed by a physician our team of experts will evaluate the patient’s health and portability needs, work to select the best equipment for the patient’s care needs, and conduct testing to ensure proper functionality and dosage. 

Sleep Apnea Therapy

With a keen focus on respiratory care, CHI Health at Home offers comprehensive care to patients with sleep apnea; a potentially serious sleep condition. Our respiratory therapists are fully trained on the various types of sleep apnea and serve as a resource for patients as they start and continue therapy. Our product experts help our patients find the right positive airway pressure device and provide education on the equipment. As part of our care plan patients also have the support of our Sleep Compliance team who monitor patient use and progress and work directly their physician, if needed. Our approach to care ensures our patients are comfortable with the equipment, while routine follow up calls and visits are integrated into each plan of care.

Sleep Compliance

Every patient undergoing sleep apnea therapy receives additional support and care from our Sleep Compliance team. Dedicated to monitoring equipment usage for each patient, this specialized team of experts provide support and solutions to every patient we serve. Our advanced, remote monitoring practices allow us to work directly with each patient and their physician to address issues in a timely manner and request new orders to help patients with their therapy.

On-Site Office Set Up

In addition to our home delivery and in-home care services, all of our locations have an on-site showroom offering a full line of products used to support home oxygen and sleep therapies. In addition, each location supports a full line of home medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and more. Patients may schedule a visit or simply stop by to learn more and see the options available to them. Our on-site customer service staff provides education and information on all products and can conduct on-site product fittings so our patients receive the best product, according to their needs and preferences.